News articles come and go on news sites and blogs, day after day. But how to keep track of a news story from 6 months ago, and how does it relate to today? That is the purpose of this site.

On this site we aim to organize news articles (and our own blog posts) by topics (the deficit, Obama, etc.) that are easily searchable.

What we want to do is to put the news in perspective over time, to truly inform people. That is what keeps the spirit of democracy alive.

We will also rank articles in terms of how they apply to each topic.

For example, an article about the high cost of interest on the debt is going to fall into a bunch of topics:
   Deficit (this would rank as a 10, since it applies directly) 10
   US Economy (this would rank as a 9 in terms of the deficit affecting the economy)9
   Obama (this would rank as a 8, given Obama's spending)8

We also have a "BlogWar" section on the site. This section has common misconceptions constantly bandied about in message boards, blogs, and the water cooler.
We aim to answer each one of these misconceptions with the facts. Feel free to use us as a resource while on the blogs/news sites.

Lastly, we ask that you Donate to our site. This is just the beginning; we have a lot of features we plan on offering as the site grow. But those features take time and money.

Any suggestions you have for the site, please feel free to make them here.

Thank you.