You'd have to be an idiot like Jimmy Carter to believe North Korea View another article
Oh, Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy. You went and wrote your article about North Korea and submitted it to the Washington Post.

In it, you go on to say that North Korea has been consistent and is "ready to conclude an agreement to end its nuclear programs".

You're an idiot.

Why in the world would North Korea give up its nuclear programs, when they are a source of income for the country? When those programs are a "nuclear deterrent" to prevent them from being attacked?

Perhaps the tour they gave to American scientists recently that "shocked them" in its sophistication...does that make you think they want to end their nuclear program? Clearly they have been building that for some time, and clearly they had international assistance (China) to build it. They had 2000 modern centrifuges. They have been building up their nuke capabilities full-speed for some time.

North Korea's nuclear program is a primary source of revenue for the country; why would they give that up? They are a Communistic military dictatorship, yet you think they want to unilaterally end their nuclear programs.

Indeed, after showing the technological prowess in the Yongbyon plant just a few weeks ago to American scientists, many are saying that direct engagement with North Korea (translation: giving in to the bribe) is now a requirement.

You think that NK wants to end its nuclear programs, even though the North Koreans have broken every nuclear treaty they ever signed; they have lied and obfuscated at every turn. In 1994, Clinton signed the "Agreed Framework" with NK, freezing plutonium production as well as NK saying they would move to de-nuclearize the Korean Peninsula. This was hailed as a great success. What did the North Koreans do? Immediately switch to uranium production.

Just last year NK exploded a nuclear bomb underground, which was 100x as powerful as the one they tested in 2006. The NK news agency said:

"The test had been safely conducted on a new higher level in terms of its explosive power and technology of its control. The test will contribute to defending the sovereignty of the country and the nation and socialism and ensuring peace and security on the Korean peninsula and the region."

Doesn't sound like they are "ready to conclude an agreement to end its nuclear programs" to me.

President Carter has no idea what he's talking about. He's a dupe, a useful idiot that thinks that NK wants to de-nuclearize when in reality they have no intention of doing so. His leftist desire for peace at all costs has blinded him to simple common sense reality.

Yes, President Carter, we know YOU want the Korean Peninsula de-nuclearizied. The problem is that North Korea does not.

The ONLY POWER NK has right now is either from extorting the West to not sell its nukes or possibly extorting South Korea to not attack them.

So you have President Carter thinking NK is ready to end its nuclear programs, vs this timeline:
1989 US satellite shows NK building a nuclear complex at Yongbyon
1992 NK blocks IAEA inspectors from some Yongbyon sites
1993 IAEA Director Hans Blix can not be assured NK is not producing nuclear weapons
1994 US/NK sign the "Agreed Framework", which stops plutonium enrichment at Yongbyon
1996 Hans Blix tells the IAEA that NK hasn't told him how much plutonium they possess, so he can't verify they developing nukes
1996 NK starts up uranium enrichment
2002 US announces that NK has admitted to a secret nuclear weapons program using uranium
2003 NK says it has reactivated its nuke facilities
2003 NK fires a missile into the sea between South Korea and Japan
2003 4 NK jets shadow a US recon plane in international air space
2003 NK fires a 2nd missile
2003 NK admits it has nuclear weapons and is abandoning the 1992 agreement to not have nuclear weapons
2004 NK rejects US suggestion to give up nuclear ambitions, calling the proposal a "daydream"
2006 NK fires 7 missiles
2006 NK performs their first nuclear weapons test, causing an uproar in the international community
2006 Former Secy of State James Baker admits that NK had a nuclear weapon during George H.W. Bush's Presidency (1989-1992)
2007 NK says it will shut down the Yongbyon reactor after a commitment of 50,000 tons of heating oil from South Korea.
2008 US confirms Yongbyon reactor shut down
2009 NK tests its 2nd nuclear device, 100x more powerful than their 2006 test
2010 NK shows tour of Yongbyon nuclear facility, and American scientists are shocked to see 2000 modern centrifuges to enrich uranium.

You'd really have to be an idiot to believe that NK wants to end its nuclear program, when it's one of the largest and only ace cards they have.
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