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by Justin Grant
Is the current lame duck session of Congress turning out to being one big "screw you" to Americans?

In 2008, with the coronation of Barack Obama, the Democrats swept into power, and the Democrat Party enjoyed being in control of the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. It's the political equivalent going on The Price is Right and winning both showcases during the Showcase Showdown.

What a difference two years make. The American people were promised a post-partisan presidency. They were also promised that the sea levels would rise, and light would come down from on high or something to that effect. We were promised transparency. We didn't get that. We were promised by Mr. Obama that he would reach across the aisle and work with
anyone who would work with him. That didn't happen, either. His halo started to rust at an alarming rate.

Now, our country is in severe economic peril, and the Chinese must certainly be getting tired of bailing our backsides out. I pity the day that they call in their markers. We were told we needed a stimulus package to get the country moving once again. It fizzled. We were promised that unemployment wouldn't go over a certain level. Wrong again. The people who said that they were going to have the most ethical Congress in history gave us the likes of Charlie Rangel, and Maxine Waters, who is next in line for a superficial rap on her knuckles.

On November 2nd, something unheard of happened. Citizen grassroots groups such as the Tea Party went all Howard Beale on government and said "I'm as mad as Hell and I'm not going to take this anymore." Democrats in the house suffered their worst losses in several decades. The arrogance and the misuse of power by the polarizing Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (nice legacy, Nance), coupled with the insistence on pushing a Health Care Reform Bill that nobody wanted, with a nice little dollop of record unemployment and financial instability, led to the party's shellacking. Democrats said that the Republicans had driven the country into a ditch, but what we all saw coming was that Nancy, Harry, and the guy in the White House were going to pull a Thelma and Louise and drive us off a cliff.

The Americans slammed on the brakes this past November, and while the Democrats weren't completely tossed out of office, there were historic losses. That should have given them a clue that something that they were doing wasn't working. After finger pointing and recriminations, though, the Democrat party decided not to learn from their lessons and continue their historic arrogance into this Lame Duck session. One would think that perhaps Pelosi would step aside and show the American people they got the message. Her ego wouldn't allow it.

It would seem like this next month is turning into a big screw you to the American people. Just a few days ago, Speaker Pelosi decided to declare Martial Law, which in effect would give her the right to bring any bill before the House at any time, and circumventing the review process. The vote taken on the nightmarish DREAM Act was a case in point -- no opportunity to study the fiscal impacts -- no time to study anything.

Harry Reid, who was in the fight of is political life, whose political backside saved by the corrupt SEIU, didn't seem to get the message, either, introducing not one -- not two -- not three -- but four versions of the DREAM Act. Political subterfuge? Obviously Harry didn't want anyone to read the bills a la Obamacare.

Now, during one of the worst recessions in American history this side of the Great Depression, the Democrats in all of their faux wisdom think that it's best to raise taxes, but the Republicans, who know they are on thin ice with the electorate, won't hear of it. The expiration of the Bush tax cuts would result in massive tax increases across the board.
Republicans fought to keep the tax cuts. Obama conceded, and as a result, Unemployment benefits would continue.

All's well that ends well? Absolutely not. As soon as the announcement was made, the Socialist wing of the Democrat party went ballistic. Their Savior had thrown them under the bus, like everyone else. Names were called. Democrat lawmakers referred to GOP negotiators along the same lines as terrorists. Mr. Obama engaged in name calling with both parties. The more Mr. Obama is in the White House, the less the class and dignity of the office seems to be diminished.

Harry Reid knows that the bills he plans on bringing to the Senate floor are doomed to fail, save any chicanery and parliamentary maneuvering that the late Robert Byrd couldn't call him on. He plans on painting the Republicans as the Party of "No". His miscalculations are destined to backfire on him.

The people spoke on November 2nd. The Democrat party still doesn't choose to get it. It's going to be a rough ride for the American people until the new congress is seated. Let's hope we can make it that far.

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