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We've been hearing for a YEAR how the Russians hacked the DNC, working with the Trump campaign to throw the election. This is very likely complete BS, and here's why:
1 The "evidence". Problem with the evidence that the Russians hacked the DNC: THERE ISN'T ANY. The server was reported to be hacked by the Russians NOT by the FBI, but by a PRIVATE security company (CrowdStrike) HIRED by the Democrats! That company is the ONLY org that has ever seen the "evidence". Well, didn't the FBI examine the server to confirm what the security company said? UH, no. The DNC would NOT ALLOW THE FBI to inspect the server.
Here's a link you can read:
Why would they not allow that? Seems like this would be a GREAT WAY to ensure Hillary winning, but having the FBI prove that the Russians/Trump hacked the DNC, yet they REFUSED access to the FBI? Right there people should be EXTREMELY SUSPECT that there is any evidence whatsoever. I mean, the DNC CLEARLY would lie to damage Trump, and they CLEARLY could get the company that they are PAYING to say that as well. Why doesn't the FBI subpoena the private company and ask them some questions.

2 It doesn't make sense logistically. Here we see the report that shows TWO Russian intel agencies hacked the DNC:


The 2 Russian agencies:
Fancy Bear "is believed to work for the GRU, or Russia’s military intelligence service"
Cozy Bear, "but thinks it might be the Federal Security Service, or FSB, the country’s powerful security agency, which was once headed by Putin."

And we have this:
"One group, which CrowdStrike had dubbed Cozy Bear, had gained access last summer and was monitoring the DNC’s email and chat communications, Alperovitch said.

The other, which the firm had named Fancy Bear, broke into the network in late April and targeted the opposition research files."

So here's the thing:
1 Putin is the absolute leader of Russia, and has total control of their security services
2 Cozy Bear (the GRU) hacked the DNC server "last summer", meaning the summer of 2015.
3 Fancy Bear (the FSB) hacked the DNC in April (of 2016), setting off the alarms.

So...why the F would Putin have the FSB hack the DNC WHEN HE ALREADY HAD ACCESS THROUGH THE GRU? WHY WOULD HE RISK GETTING CAUGHT WITH A SECOND HACK ATTEMPT WHEN HE ALREADY HAD ACCESS? Does that make ANY sense to you? It does not. Again, WHY WOULD HE RISK GETTING CAUGHT WITH A SECOND HACK ATTEMPT WHEN HE ALREADY HAD ACCESS? Putin ALREADY had 100% access, why hack something you already had access to?

And do you think the FSB would act INDEPENDENTLY, hacking a political party in America WITHOUT getting approval by Putin? That's just stupid, again Putin was the FORMER HEAD OF THE KGB and has TOTAL CONTROL of the intel community in Russia. The FSB would NOT hack the DNC independently, and Putin would NOT want to risk getting caught (which they did) by hacking a server he ALREADY HAD ACCESS TO.

3 Hackers using outdated tools. Here's a link:
From the article, the hackers used a tool called "PAS", but according to the article: "But PAS has evolved even further since 3.1.7. It is now version 4.1.1 which you can get from the same website:"
This the equivalent of the NSA, Russia has TOP-TIER hacking skills. Why the F would they use OUTDATED tools to hack the DNC, when getting caught would be HUGELY EMBARRASSING and potentially be an ACT OF WAR against America? Does that make sense? NO IT DOES NOT.

4 The content / timing. The content of the DNC hack / release to Wikileaks was all timed right before the Democratic National Convention. But...why release the information THEN? If you're Putin, you know from superdelegates Hillary will be nominated, why not release the material in OCTOBER...as opposed to JULY. The release to Wikileaks was July 22, 2016. The 2016 Democratic National Convention started on July 25, 2016, THREE DAYS LATER! Why would the Russians release then? The Russians already had the emails, it's not like Hillary was going to release it herself! So why would they release the emails to Wikileaks in July, when it does no damage? What seems WAY MORE LIKELY is that it was a DISGRUNTLED Sanders supporter unhappy with the DNC. There were A LOT of those people, you think 0 people that worked for the DNC that had access to those emails were disgruntled about Hillary's nomination? Haha. There were not 0.

The content itself is purely damaging to HILLARY and the DNC as well, showing collusion between her and the DNC. However, most of the emails showing collusion were NOT particularly damaging to Hillary in the GENERAL ELECTION, more "inside baseball" stuff that would piss of Sanders supporters. This also leads to the conclusion that it was a DISGRUNTLED Sanders supporter, that was hoping the release would change the minds of superdelegates and give Sanders the nomination.

5 The reaction. So...Russia hacked one of our polical parties (the DNC), released the info to Wikileaks, and the sitting President (of ths same political party)...DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING? Does that make ANY SENSE AT ALL? Yeah, he kicked out some diplomats AFTER the election, but just think: if Obama REALLY AND TRULY had ANY evidence that Russia hacked the DNC, why not come out and SAY IT? EVERY PRESIDENT WOULD! Especially a President in an election year where YOUR party gets hacked! This is a no-brainer! It's a stupid and NON-SENSICAL excuse to say "he didn't want to get involved", Obama specifically TOLD PEOPLE TO VOTE FOR HILLARY! It makes 0 sense for Obama to have ACTUAL EVIDENCE and not release that IN FULL to the American people. 0 sense.

6 Wikileaks themselves. Assange has repeatedly denied the Russians were his source. Russians or someone digruntled at Wikileaks could disprove that and make Assange look like an idiot. Why lie so blatantly? Not only that, a former UK official that worked for Wikileaks says IT WAS A DNC STAFFER:
Craig Murray, the former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, who is a close associate of Assange, called the CIA claims "bullshit", adding: "They are absolutely making it up."

"I know who leaked them," Murray said. "I’ve met the person who leaked them, and they are certainly not Russian and it’s an insider. It’s a leak, not a hack; the two are different things."

What likely happened:
1 An insider with the DNC released the info to Wikileaks. Was it Seth Rich? I have no idea, but it was someone at the DNC. Wikileaks already said it was an insider, it makes 0 sense for the Russians to do it.
2 Amateur hackers (NOT THE RUSSIANS) DID hack the DNC, just for fun. Just like multiple entities hacked Hillary's email server. Hackers try to hack EVERYONE, anyone that has a website up for more than 30 minutes will tell you that. Companies have hack attempts EVERY DAY, as do gov't. agencies. Pro hackers like the Russians aren't going to use outdated tools for hacking.
3 DNC saw Manafort et al. working with the "Russians" and decided to blame Russians for the DNC hack as opposed to one of their own staffers. They refused to allow the FBI to confirm it, and now in the press it's just "assumed" the Russians did it.

As you can see, the Russians didn't hack the DNC server, and of course the Democrats are absolutely desperate to keep this lie going. But it's just all complete bs.
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