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Sarah Palin is AWESOME! As you point out she was an antiestablishment fighter of corruption on both sides of the aisle. She also cuts excessive and wasteful spending. This is why she scares the establishment so much. She will seek to expose their corrupt little circles and backroom deals. She exposes the media''s liberal bias and their fiscal tentacles extend towards Washington as well. Sarah Palin is exactly what this country needs. Hopefully she will inspire many others across the world to return to fiscal sanity and end the wasteful and corrupt deal making that exist in all government. Palin 2012!
Best plan for the GOP? Raise taxes on the wealthy.
Too Big To Fail? Bailout is WRITTEN into Dodd Financial Reform
Debt above 90% is a drag on growth
Krugman says we don't have a debt problem
SS/Medicare admit THEMSELVES we have a problem, while liberals continue to deny we have one